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    trenbolone-E 250???

    hay yall

    I have been trying to find information on tren enathate and cant find anything really about it. I am about to start a cycle that consists of sus 250 and tren-e 250. I am not sure on how frequent to shoot the tren. I have taken tren acetate before and loved it i shot it ed. I know the precauctions that go with tren and i also know that tren-e due to its long esters stays in the body longer than acetate. I was wandering how much a week to shoot it and what is its half-life. Also, when should i stop using it so the sus and tren-e will end at the same time. I would appreciate any of yalls help.

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    it all depends on the ester! enathate you need shoot 2 times a week pref ever 3.5 days

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