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    Gear ,brands, UG ,VG ,HG, prices

    I have been on the board for a couple of months now. I read the threads every single day for hours. The thing I read the most about is gear and prices. I know for the past 5 years, I have never seen gear as cheap as you guys get it. I read posts of guys telling what they got and how much it costs, which is the pricesa I always have to give (10c 10ml of test for 100dollars, 10c 10ml deca 130$, dbol 100 for 85$, sus amps 12$) then everyone comes on with replys saying that is way to high and i would never give that for any of it. Then someone Please tell me what to do, because in 5 years I have never found any better prices and I have to use the gear for my profession, so if I said I was not going to give that, then i would not have any gear. Trust me I have tried everything. About 5 years ago I order through email from korea, it worked for about 6 months then it finally screwed me and it did not work anymore, but the prices where not alot cheaper, maybe almost half as cheap. I was just wondering how many have to give these prices and how many actually get the great prices. Just a topic to discuss.

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    u just gotta know the right people and find sources. lots of dudes wont get the good deals others do, but if u have a reliable source it doesnt matter if the price is a little higher than normal. at least ur gettin good stuff. the bros that r getting the dirt cheap deals have been in the game for a long time.

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    The more you buy and the more you become trusted...the better the prices get. It's a business for a lot of people. Regulars who buy 500 amps of sust get a better deal than Joe Blow wanting 20 amps of sust.

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    it just takes time and patients and getting to know people and sooner or later you will find someone who will help you out....

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    What if we have poor social skills?

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