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Thread: Chest Pain??

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    Exclamation Chest Pain??

    hi today i had a pretty severe chest pain on my left side like in the decline part of the chest on the left side towards the middle...I dunno if its from the test? or cuz i bunned a spliff and my heart was going nuts like beating fast..much more then normal....??? Can someone help me this ****ing scared me big time... i was nearly ****ting my self...I was bout to call one experience this b4

    I just started test e 300mg/weel
    my first shot was 4 days ago


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    Instead of posting here on a virtual message board, I'd be in the car on the way to the doctor for a physical and examination.

    It's your health we're talking about here.


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    Just go to the ER best advice.

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    id go to the er right away, but if it helps any , it could be some kind of pinched nerve. I get them alot, it feels like a radiating pain that comes across from my side to the front of my chest. Ur heart might have just been beating fast cuz it alarmed you. I know the first time i felt it i was in the dr's the next morning.

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    if its was a mild heart attack, your left side of your chest, the "pinky side" of you entire arm will feel numb, and you will feel some pressure on your chest. I don't think you had CA(cardiac arrest) -but I hope this will either ease your mind or be a factor in you going to the doc.

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