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    Human vs Animal yield significantly better results?

    im just curious if in your experience wether animal and human steroids yield significantly better results? was gonna runa cycle of nice primoteston depot by scherring and was just curious if anyone lets the animal/human factor effect thier dosage?

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    Yet another human vs vet.......i dont really look at whether its human or vet.....what i need to do depends on the drug and what i can get out of it.....human or vet mean little to me.....both very effective, sterial and potent.....

    Vet is stronger because of the tren factor....but where would we be without test....

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    i asked the same question awhile back and a rsponse i got was that vet gear isnt as sterile as H G and you run more of a risk for infection because they arent under the same guidelines as gear is made in a metal container which the gear is then tainted , while H G is manufactured in glass which is alot more pure .

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