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    Post Cycle Doctor Visit

    Just finished up my first cycle on thursday. I was on sust@500 weekly week 1-8, 30mg dbol daily weeks 1-4. Was on winny, but stopped after about 2 weeks because of sides. Was gonna go to the doc and ask for blood tests, but I'm not sure how to approach him. Should I just say, "I've been taking AS for the past two months... How's my body doing?" or just ask for specific blood tests and not talk about AS. I don't have a relationship with my doc because I hardly ever go as I am always healthy, so I don't know how he feels about AS, or how he would react. Also, when should I have my blood tests done in relation to my last injection? I wouldn't think I should go now, due to the fact my test levels are still high, because as mentioned above, my last injection was thursday. Any insite on when to get these tests done, and how to go about bringing it up to the doc will be usefull. Thanks.

    P.S. I'll have pics up after they get developed.

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    Be honest with you MD. Dont go in and demand/request tests. This is called "fast food medicine". Its like going into Mcdonalds and asking for a burger and fries. Doctors spent alot of time in school and training and dont appreciate when patients think they can just come into the office and ask for specific tests. Tell him or her why you are concerned and they will be happy to help. You may have to listen to their opinions but so what.

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    Just say to your doc that yoou want to get blood tests done because you were taking steroids and im sure youll get a lecture but just nod your head

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