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Thread: Cycle Critique

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    Cycle Critique

    Hey everyone,
    Im looking for some pointers from those of you with experience. Im about to take my first injectable cycle. I have taken d-bol only and a bunch of different PH cycles. My diet/nutrition and training program is solid. Im 28 and have been working out most of my adult life. Most of my life i was doing it for sports now that Im out of college its mostly for vanity and stress relief. My goal is to bulk. I have done lots of research but I do have a few questions also feel free to comment. I love to hear the feedback. Here is the plan:

    Daily Sups
    Optimen- 2 x ED
    Udos - 3 x ED
    Milk Thistle 3 x ED
    Myloplex + Glutamine AM
    Glutacell + Glutamine PWR
    Mycellular+ Glutamine PM

    1 Drol @25mg/ED
    2&3 Drol @25mg/2xED
    4 Drol @25mg/ED
    2-11 Test(cyp) @400/wk (2 shots of 200mg)
    2-11 Decca @300mg/wk (2 shots
    of 150 mg)
    1-13 Letro @.25mg/ED

    14 Start Creatine load
    14 Start ZMA and Tribulus

    14 Nolva @50mg/day
    15 Nolva @30mg/day
    16-17 Nolva @20mg/day
    18 Nolva @10mg/day

    15-18 Clen @20-60mg/day
    6&12 HCG @500IU/day

    Im not possitive on the Clen yet. Ill make the call when I get close to PCT. I have everything on hand except the HCG. I have been having problems locating some. If anyone can point me in the right direction on that it would be much apreciated. Here are my main questions:

    Is it ok to shoot the Deca twice a week with the test or is it better to do 300 once a week?
    Im trying to decide what guage pins to use also. I was planning on 23 is that ok for both deca and test?
    Will I be ok without HCG? Do i even need it?

    I think thats all for now. Ill post more if i think of something else.


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    I wouldn't pyramid the drol at the beginning... i would just run straight 50mg a day for the 4 weeks.
    I wouldn't use deca for this cycle as a test only cycle would be a better choice and would merit great results for your first real cycle.
    Start the test on week 1 and if you're still set on doing the deca do the same with that as well.
    Split the deca up twice a week and shoot with the test.
    I personally use 23 gauge to shoot with everything and 20 to draw.

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    Thank for the adivce man. Im going to stick with the test/deca but maybe i wont pyramid the drol and just do 50mg. When i put the pyramid in I was going on the adivce of someone who was taking a drol only cycle maybe its not recessary with this cycle.
    Thats what i was thinking on the pins too I just need to hear it froma few people who have used it with test/deca.

    Thanks again!

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