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Thread: needle size ?

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    needle size ?

    my question is how fare in to the glute does a 1 1/2 needle have to go??

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    depending on body fat %, most people can go in all the way.

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    I personally only use a 1" pin and go in all the way. But like axe said it depends on bf%

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    You don't want the ferrule to touch the injection site. With a 1-1/3" pin, keep about 1/4" out, for a glute shot. Keep 1/2" out for quad shots or hamstring shots and 3/4" out for other site injections. Use common sense. You can tell how deep the muscle is, and how thick the skin and how much fat under the skin. I have it on good authority that you should not press the ferrule part of the needle against the injection site.With the right size needle, you would have no reason to want to do so, anyway.

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