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    Can this be done...

    I have enough test for 10 weeks at 500mgs and enough eq for 10 weeks at 400mgs. But I want the PCT to line up right...
    Can i do this?

    Wks 1-10 400mgs eq
    Wks 2-11 500mgs test e

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    It can be done. But, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration first. OK, I assume that you have 4 10ml vials (2 of each), correct? You need to take into account wastage in the stick, underfilling of the vials and over drawing into the stick. With all of those factors you probably only have roughly 9mls in each vial after all is said and done. This is why you always buy more than you need. Buy 1 more vial of each and you're set for a real cycle.


    You could always cut the doses in half and see how that works out for you. Is this your 1st cycle? If so, I would recommend doing that 1st just to see how you react to the gear. If you can get good gaines on half the gear why would you want to go higher. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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