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    Clen cycle question

    I just completed a Test E and Tren cycle.

    I have Clen but have read different advice on how to take it and for how long. I have read suggestions such as two days on two days off, or one week clen and one week ECA. How do I start the dosage and how do I increase the dosage? When do I know when I am at maximum dosage level (jitters or body temperature)? How long does should a cycle last?

    Thanks for any help because I am confused from info I have read.

    T Bone

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    2 weeks on 2 off start your dosage at 20mcg taper up to where you feel comfortable then taper down ive done that for anywhere up to 6 weeks total of being on but i think you could go longer if you feel the need alot of people now are just running benadryl withit so you dont have to come off but im not sure the dosages and so forth

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    Clenbuterol handbook

    Try that out buddy (it concurs with what bignatt said - just to give him some credit).

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    The clen handbook is garbage.

    Read this:


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