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    I need some advise from experianced cycle bridgers.

    For those that have successfully bridged before, I need the minimum amount of Testosterone needed to maintain muscle while off cycle . At the same time I want it to be low enough to give myself a rest for my next cycle to stimulate growth.

    So what dose?? And for how long between the next cycle??

    I have become as large as I can from conventional cycling and feel its time to start bridgin..

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    i would say around 200-250 mils of test a week or also u could take 10mg of anadrol a day,and be off cycle for at least the same time that u were on eat like a fat bitch at a buffet and train hard.

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    Have you bridged with insulin before? use creatine and branched chain amino acids. Eat zero fat with injections, high protein and complex & simple carbs. Carb amount will be dependent on how much insulin you take.

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