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Thread: D-Bol vs. Drol

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    D-Bol vs. Drol

    What do you guys perfer and why? Trying to get some input to help with planning an upcoming cycle.

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    drol - biggest gains @50-100mg ( when i did it, i did it old school, tapered up and down ) and felt like sh1t those 4 weeks. d-bol - love the way i feel and in a better mood like test can make you feel, gains were nice at 40mg per day and still got some back pumps though (only negative effect for me).

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    Drol... a lot better in my opinion, amazing pumps, great increase in strength and mass with no sides worth complaining about except a little hair loss.
    I find d-bol is nothing but sides for me and the benefits definitly didn't outweigh the sides. I had a lot more hair loss on it, I was bloated all to hell, puffy face, severe kidney pain, nausea.

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    dbol ......makes me feel good....less sides

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    Dbol gives me no real sides, a little hair loss maybe, good lean gains, slight bloating, increased hunger, sense of well being, better sleep...

    Drol kills my appetite, makes me bigger faster, I lose alot more mass in the end though, feel like crap most of the time (lethargic, etc), more acne, more strength

    on a scale from 1-5, 5 being best I give Dbol a 4 and Drol a 3 over all, I just end up with a lot more mass from Dbol at the end of the day although you start off with more using Drol its quickly pissed away. if you're a power lifter I'd use Drol, other wise go Dbol

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    You are going to get mixed reviews so in the end you need to try them both (in seperate cycles) and see what works best for you.

    I got stronger/bigger on 50mg dbol than I did on 150mg drol. Also the drol took my appetite so my gains were minimal.

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    Dbol .. well, all the reason are posted, so, god luck.

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