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Thread: 3rd cycle Hel[

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    3rd cycle Hel[

    Ok I'm looking to do research on my 3rd cycle and I just want some input

    1st cycle:
    week 1-12 400mg deca
    week 1-13 400mg cypionate
    no nolva and no proper pct(did cycle without knowing nothing)

    2nd cycle
    week 1-14 400mg eq
    week 1-15 500mg test e
    10mg nolva ed
    clomid for pct

    My stats:
    5'9 175lbs don't know bodyfat.
    My goal is that I want to get to about 200-210lbs

    Can anyone give me and advice on my 3rd cycle? what as should I take?

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    how about the bread and butter cycle?
    1-13 test cyp 500mg
    1-12 deca 400mg
    1-4 d-bol 35mg ed
    b-6 200mg during deca and a few weeks past, nolva 10mg ed, femera or arimidex (my choice), clomid for pct (hcg at 500-1000iu ed for 10 days 15 days before pct if you want... I would)

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    How much did you weigh before you did your second cycle? I pretty much did the same cycle but for only 10 weeks and I gained about 40 pounds, im in the last week of PCT and I have lost only 5 pounds. For me the Deca , Test-e cycle really worked. Just remember that your diet is really important too, the juice can only do so much.

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    i would think you could do the test and eq and throw some dbols in the first 4 weeks to kick it off if you really want to put on that much weight you have to train hard and eat right

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    I was about 150 lbs. My first cycle I put on most of the weight but the second cycle I'm pretty sure it was fake because I really didn't gain anything.

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