I took a long layoff and started back on a light cycle of Delatestryl. I thought I would have quick results due to my layoff and I was correct. I went from 171 to 187 in four weeks. Still looking as lean as before. I'm happy with my gains but my problem is this... For the fifth week I didn't gain a pound and I've been doing the same thing. Eating 3000+ calories, 200+g protein, and hitting the gym 6 days a week (5 at the least). I know it's only a week but I was gaining day by day before. I'm now going into my sixth week of the twelve week cycle and I'm wondering if there's anything that I can do to keep my gains going or should I be just happy with the gains I made in the first four weeks and just try to maintain it until I get off my cycle. If it keeps up this way for a couple more weeks I was thinking I might as well get off early, due my post cycle therapy and get a couple of months of off time and then hit it again. Opinions?