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    Winstrol 50mg Tabs

    I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of Winstrol Tabs coming in a 50mg form, and if so what color and shape are they, and is there any marks to look for.

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    Yeah they do, may I suggest the search button on the top right of the screen. You should find a decent amount of info regarding them.-

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    yeah they do come in 50. I mainly see this from ug labs, but I thing other labs offer them too. The ones I have seen from ug's come in capsules and they are white

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    IP has 50 mg winstrol blue tabs, heard some good things about them !!

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    do a search on the sterod pictures link got some good info and you may find the same ones you have on there good luck bro

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    wow, two responses to use the search button

    as stated, IP has 50mg winny that are blue and are circular and small
    British dragon has a 50mg tab in a hexagonal shape that has a perferated edge and pale yellow with a 5 0 on the tab...that is their older version, their newer version is square, a bit smaller too, with a perferated edge with BD on one side and a 50 on the other, however, I can't confirm the markings as I haven't had any in my possession for a bit. Now as stated, ug sources do carry 50mg capsules. This is merely usp winstrol powder from a powder source that is capped using a filler so depending on the color of the filler, it can be any color.

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