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    do you think this cycle is worth it?

    I have aboout 4 weeks of prop left over that I want to use
    1-4 prop
    1-4 20mg ed M1T
    5-8 clomid therapy
    letro ed throughout cycle

    will this cycle yield good results? The only reason I cannot make it longer is because I cannot find any prop. I just got clearance from my doctor to start lifting weights for again (had a back injury for 2 months) and I am aching to go back on cycle.

    Also has anyone tasted the Clomid? if so what does it taste like, thanks again guys!

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    you wont really see anything that noticible after only a 4 week cycle....might wanna buy some gear and do at least 8-10 weeks

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    That actually may be an effective short cycle. Why dont you just use M1T the first 2 weeks and then take two off (like many people do) and then do another 2 after youre done with the prop to stretch it to 6 weeks?

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