Yesterday I went to see my doctor, I had blood work done last week. So prior to doing AS I wanted to see if everything is in check.....So what happened was a surprise I belive it was a bond test for testerone , my results were low it mention 8 -38 mg was average I dont know if this was by week, I was in shock so I forgot to ask this question but mine came out 4.8mg. What is wierd is that I have not touched AS in a couple of years and when I did it was so low the dosage such as 2 amps of sustanon for 1 week then go pyramind down. back to 1 amp for 8 weeks top.ANyway we were talking he is familiar with AS so he knows I will be starting so he mentioned we will see what happens we will do blood work every two weeks and see what happens he did mention that it might kick start back up after the use of clomid. I hope so because this is a concern for me. I was sick that week would you think that would effect it? I did notice that I was moody and felt down for a while but never thought about this. I went to my other doctor and was prescribed some anti depressant but they did nothing. My gains have been moderate my strength has increased but that should not be if my test are low. They would but not at the extent they have. Low test would mean longer recovery as well. Anyway if any one has some info regarding this , please give info if you know of any. I am so upset about this right know.