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Thread: 2nd cycle help

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    2nd cycle help

    hello guys ,,i have done just one sustanon only cycle at 500mg for 9 weeks and was planing to run a sustanon ,deca cycle but not sure yet at what doses for 10 0r 12 weeks,,,i want to get the minimal sides cuz i have got some hairloss on my 1st cycle whenever i washed my hair and also facial acne that was so disgusting ,,,so what hair meds should i use ,,i was thinking about nizoral,,i cant find spirolactone here ,,in egypt i wanna have a relatively safe cycle with minimal sides cause i am worried about the hairloss and facial acne thing ,,,peace

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    i would run test e instead of sust but either way run it at 500mg and deca should be run at 300-400mg/wk

    run the deca one week less than the test, run nolva at 10mg ED and do proper PCT and use nolva

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