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    help a brother out

    Hey cousin who is a naturally big, geneticly gifted person wants to do his first cycle...he is 23, 6'3 260lbs probably only 10-12% bf and can lift an inhuman amount of weight....this is what his cycle looks like as of now i told him to drop the tren and the deca that this is too much for 1st cycle but he's hard headed any input would be appreciated so i can print this out and show it to him tomorrow he wont take my word for it..

    wk1-4 30mg/ dbol
    wk1-12 500mg/test e
    wk5-12 50mg/ fina ED
    wk8-12 50mg/winny ED
    wk1-10 300mg/deca

    anyway i am not for this but he thinks more is better...thanx guys

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    Canada Ehh...
    tell him to do a test only for his first, best Idea.
    or if ya really want, test and deca . that was my first and it went well.
    the Idea behind test only ist to see how you react to the drug, before ya start addimg im all kinds of stuff. you would not know what the problem was

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    tell him to just stick with test, deca at ten weeks is worthless, has to be ran longer at least 12 weeks, winny 6-8 weeks, fina is in no way a good choice for a first cycle, and you gotta get a pct up, thats the most important part

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    500mg of Test E only for 12 weeks would work wonders for him, he doesn't need anything else right now. tell him to same the rest for later.

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    ya i wouldnt recomend tren in his first cycle either esspecially with the d-bol and test its a lil much just the test should suffice

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