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Thread: 1st cycle gains

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    1st cycle gains

    I am just now beginning week 3 of a 12 week cycle. It is my first cycle ever. I am running:
    1-4 weeks Test Prop 150mg eod
    1-12 weeks Sust 250 500mg a week, eod
    1-8 Homebrew Fina, eod
    maybe 8-12 Winstrol , not sure
    Before cycle, 6'6", 250 lean w/ 3 years experience
    2 weeks in I am up to 270 pounds. Its the same scale, so its acurate. But I lost my 6 pack, hehehe.
    My question is what kind of solid gains can I expect to keep. Realistically, I am going for 10 pounds of lean muscle mass by the end of pct. Is this too realistic or not realistic enough? Can I expect more? I eat like a horse, 300-400 g protein a day w/ carbs.
    Oh, and how am I looking so far. Input is awesome!
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    To me it looks like you have good genetics man i think you can expect more than that whats your training/diet look like lookin pretty dam swole in that pic

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    ya ur looking good bro, witha good diet u will b able gain a lot more mass! thats a big cycle for 1st timer but....

    good luck bro

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    Show us more man you look awsome. You will get at least 10-20lbs ..

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    From what i see, your right arm is pretty big, IF you want accurate opinions, will have to see your whole body. By your stats-- You be one big m@th@F@cker!!!

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