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    Cool Testosterone Cypionate--

    I believe that after 9 months on 1cc of Testosterone Cypionate every 2 weeks, I have 'bottomed out'. What oral would you suggest to accommodate the Cypionate for more size and muscularity? Dianabol , perhaps?

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    I think its time you have a break. Dianabol is usually used at the start of the cycle for the first 4 weeks as a kick start.


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    i agree 9months bro

    if i were you i would take a 1 yr break look what your doing to your body you are only suppose to do 1-4 cycles a yr . bro take a break . later

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    WOW thats a long time I hope you have the proper pct to help your natural test levels to come back?
    JUSt out of curiosity do u have any nuts???

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    1 cc ever 2 weeks???? HRT?????

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    9 months? I also suggest you take a break. Make sure you have all PCT needed. Is cyp all you took during the whole 9 months?

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    What dose? 200 or 250 every two weeks? Your natty test would have done a better job and you would still have nuts. This is dosage equal to hormone replacement only.

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