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Thread: Need To Know

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    Need To Know

    How's it going my new friends,
    I have a few fundamental's for you. I have just begun a test. prop. .75cc/eod, and fumara at .25cc/ed. I am a former Marine and have just been granted VA Health insurance. I would love to have a full physical completed now that I have the means. I began this cycle on Dec. 10, of this past week. I need to know if a healthcare individual were to take both blood and urine cultures, will they surface in the results? If so, how long do I have? I cannot comprimise this issue. I have worked, as a militant, and student fot too long to have my health insurance voided by a superfcial descrepancy we all possess. (Generalization). I once heard that they need to test you specifically for ROD'S. In fact, I was told that a waiver of some form is signed prior to such testing. Obviously, my convictions at this point are far from strong. Help if you can.

    Thanks alot,

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    Doesnt patient privacy also apply in the military?????

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    It is a specific test that is not run by most full physicals but I can't say about something in the VA like that the military is known for being very thorough in everything they do. As far as patient privacy they can toss him for violating VA policies which in this case would be one. Regular rules don't apply the military it is it's own entity.

    My beleif would be that unless asked for or complained about they would not run this test. They are not known for being luxurious either. Just like any other test this costs time and money.

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