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    Question Stanozolol for osteoporosis

    I've been taking stanozolol 0.5mg / day as protection against osteoporosis. Yes, the decimal point really is in the right place! (I need to take half a tablet every few days to get the dose low enough).

    Now it's been withdrawn from the market in most of Europe I have a problem and so does my doctor because he's not allowed to prescribe it anymore. Where can I START looking for sources?? There are a lot of "don't"s in the forums - don't ask for a source in public, don't trust the web sites - but what about a "do"? Should I hang out in gyms and ask the meatier-looking men... or travel to some country where it is still distributed and find a friendly doctor there... or what?

    I'm sure if I were a bodybuilder I'd know the answers to all this, but I'm about as far from that world as I could possibly be...

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    Are you serious? Winny is hell on your joints.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clint Torres
    Are you serious? Winny is hell on your joints.
    Winny is hell on your joints at 50mg-100mg/ed for 6 weeks. Probably not at 0.5mg/day.

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