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    Please Read . .

    im about 5'9" 215, i have about 23 percent body fat, a lot of muscle mass i jus want to shed fat and, im puttin myself on a diet, im also goin to be taking HOT ROX (fat burner) and NitroTech protein, after i bring my body fat down im gonna start the juice, my question is: Can i take this GNC Creatine Monohydrate i have while im dieting, or will it just make me heavier?? ok thanks

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    lots of information in the diet forums.

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    ya you can get good answers in the diet or supplement forum.. i dont know if taking creatine and a fat burner together is the best idea for losing weight tho..

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    how much do u weight bro?? def... cut down to maybe low teens b/f before looking into juice...

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