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    First and Last cycle

    This will be my first ever cycle and last one as well. Im not into bodybuilding or sports Im only doing this just to look a little bigger. Hopefully this one cycle will put me up to where I want to be. Im 18 years old, weigh 163, 5"8 and have 12% bodyfat. Even though Ive been advised to not run a cycle with AS by my personal trainer but its the only way to get big fast. Anyway I train intensly 5 days a week working one body part each day but I will be changing my routine to two body parts a day and having a light and heavy day. One third to a little less than half of my daily nutrients comes from either protein meal replacements of shakes. I eat every few hours and a SUPER CLEAN diet. My trainer says that even if I decide to do these roids that diet is very important and he has put me on the strictest diet Ive ever seen. I will not be doing any cardio until I start the winstrol . I plan on gaining 20-25 lbs before winstrol and hopefully end up with a total gain of 15lbs. My AS cycle will be
    wks--d-bol---winny---test e---- two injections per week of 250mg

    I also will be taking novaldex 10 or 20 mg everyday as well as 600mg of milk thistle. I will also be taking clomid for three weeks after this cycle.
    If you have any suggestions on what other things I can take to reduce sides please tell me. Ive heard of ppl taking vitamin B6 and ALA but im not sure when they are tkaing it. If you think my cycle is bad in any way please let me know I will be starting this as soon as it arrives.

    Thanx for all your opions and help.

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    Well if your prone to MPB I would not take Winny since its a hairlines worst nightmare, If your not prone to MPB than go for it.

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    if ur only 18 ... i would wait a couple years man ... u can grow naturally

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    Its a good cycle but you shouldnt be doing it because your only 18 but you will do it anyway so good luck with the gains you get. B6 is to help with the gyno sides as well.

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    Trust me. This wont be your last cycle. Once you start its hard to stop.

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    Well everyones going to tell you that you are too young. But aside from that it looks like you have done your homework and put together a good first cycle. Good luck and be carefull.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ALEXANDER42
    Trust me. This wont be your last cycle. Once you start its hard to stop.
    Agreed. Also, be patient and train naturally for a few years. Your test levels should be through the roof right now so why not use that to your advantage.
    But, like they said earlier... you are probably going to do it anyways.

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    u should wait...but ur most likely not going too. at least u have research unlike most kids ur age. i like to take a longer break inbetween orals. ull probally be ok just watch out for the signs. have fun

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