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    Optimum time for dbol before workout?

    I have been starting my cycle for 3 weeks now and am very impressed with the gains, I'm up 13 lbs and strength is climbing like it should. I am taking 500mg Test Enan/week 200mg Test Prop/week 400mg Deca /week 50mg/Proviron /day and 20mg Dbol /day. I do two shots a week with the injectables and take the dbol 20mg 45 minutes just before my question is what is the best time to take the dbols to get the most use out of the tabs. I know that the dbols burn fast and have a quick half life of 3-4 hours so I generally have been taking them just before workouts....Is there a better time to take them during the day to get the most bang out of my dbol tabs? thanks in advance.
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    you should spread them out during the day every 4 hours so your blood levels stay as stable as possible

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