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    thank **** ive finished ed injections ye ha

    so ****ing releaved they are over now i can lift my arm and sit on my ass,prop i bitch would do it again but one that is painless.

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    i use to like injections till i started doing ed. it's getting pretty old and i'm in week 3 of 10. the prop is painful at least for me also.

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    yea i was happy to end my ed prop last week or so but now i miss it. first time running prop man i loved it i think i will do prop ed for the whole cycle from now on i feel like it just keeps the test levels so consistent and i think when i am doing ed injections it makes me feel like i am doing a lot more and it really keeps me motivated at the gym i feel like i am doing nothing 2 times a week now but it is easy to miss it when your not in pain every day

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    using different esters and larger injection bolus reduces the need for ED or EOD injections, even with prop.

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