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    these headaches are killing me

    you just finished my first cycle test e and deca and dbol 9 weeker it has been 10 days since last shot havent started clomid yet but im getting these headaches and feeling depressed i think i took tribulus a bit but can't sleep feel lazy and the headaches wont go away this is the first time after a cycle i feel like this i have done m1t before but no problems with this headaches every day.

    anyways i had a friend who i havent seen in a while and he looks cut up and massive and he told me he is on sustanon 250 i took test e but he seems more built than me and cut up which is better sustanton or test e

    and is the true that sustanon causes less bloat or is it just a myth help salu and how do i get rid ofthese headaches.

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    take an advil

    i perfer test e over sust. my first cycle was sust and regret it. i bloat on every test but prop.

    To get massive you need to eat massive.

    I'm doing PCT right now too bro, sucks ass. I've been "on" for 30+ weeks, Test E, dbols, prop, tren , eq, masteron . Not all at the same time btw. I know what you mean about lazy. I dont even want to workout.

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    dehydration and lack of cardiovascular activity are likely culprits. so drink more water, at least 1gal preferably 2gals and do some cardio. Cutting sodium should also help.

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