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    Question bout stacking and a cycle. Is this safe?

    Ok well my friend and i have decided to go on a cycle. He has done a lot of research and talked to a couple people and tells me that we should go this cycle. Its 4 week cycle and we would be taking (there in the pill form) M1 test 10 mg twice a day stacked with Boldione 100 mg twice a day and stacked with 4 diol Xtreme. 337 mg capsuls. Now that seems like alot to me. he says that one is for strength and the other is for Mass and the other one is supposed to level everything out. i will also be taking 6 Oxo after the cycle to gradually bring down my testosterone levels . I jsut wanted to see if this is a good cycle and if its safe? Im worried about what my chances are of gettin side effects and how healthy this is. Please let me know as soon as possible. Thanks.

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    wuts boldione and diol?? not steroids

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    LOL I know PH are gonna be banned but they are not hardcore drugs yet. This would be better answered in the supps forum bro. Good luck.

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