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    lean out or bulk up?

    posted earlier about leaning with clen /t3. im 6ft 240lb 15%bf. want to be in the 9-10% range. would it be a better idea to go with a "slower acting" bulking cycle to give the "appearance" of a leaner physique due to that there is now more muscle on my frame(plus you can never be too big!!) or just stick with the clean diet and cardio that im doing now(maybe add the clen/t3) to reach my goal. ive read in these forums that it is sometimes better to lean out then bulk back up. i have no previous experience with steroids and no desire to try to get into competition shape(but hey you never know what the future holds) just want to look more lean. if doing a cycle is the way to go any suggestions? any help is much appreciated. thanks everyone.

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    I would lean out first. t3/clen , a strict diet and cardio 5 days a week will have u there in no time. After that you can think about AS if you feel your ready but definetly lean out first, your gains will show much better.

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