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    Tribulus Terrestris Dosage

    Hi Im going to do a course of anavar 40mg ED over 8 weeks and may need some therapy

    Tyin to aim for the 4 grams as stated.I noticed some products labled as a minium of 45% at 500mg per cap(Tribuvar by Sans). So should I go for 4000mg/500mg= X, or 4000mg/(500mg x.45)=X for the number of caps I need per day.

    PS any ideas on best make heard so many conflicting reports, maybe someone can speak from experience.

    I have red the trib should contain Furostanolic Saponins not just Saponins and that some manufacturers are vastly underdoosed.

    Also notice that Vitrix only mentions Saponins rather than Furostanolic Saponins.

    See :

    Thanks for the help.

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    i believe its not the actual tribulus that is possibly underdosed, its the percentage of effective saopins that may not be the actual stated 45%... oh and i dont think youre supposed to post that link bro

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    Whats wrong with the link?

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    Vitrex by Nutrex is suppossed to have the highest percentage of active saponins however that stuff is steep.

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