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    bump up the enth????

    im just finishing my third week of my cycle...

    1-12 500mg/w eq
    1-13 500 or 750mg/w enth.
    1-4 d bol 40mg/ed
    6-14 tren ace. 75mg/ed
    10-15 winni 50mg/ed
    13-15 prop 75 or 100mg ed
    13-15 hcg 3000 3000 1500 1500 1000 every 5th day
    14-15 nova 40mg
    16-19 clomid/nova
    1-13 nova 10mg/ed

    my main ? here is should i bump the test e. dose up to 625 or 750/w. this is my third cycle and the other two b4 this were enth at 500mg. i am 230lbs at 5 10.

    my bloat isnt bad at all right now just some in the cheeks when it gets a lil worse im gonna start running letro/ferma ed or eod.

    ihave been getting severe joint pains in my elbows. i kno tren and deca are nto the best to run together but would i be alright with a low dose say 250mgs a week?

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    keep the test at 500

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    i have plenty to run 750 the rest of the way. not to argue but why not bump it up? kinda got the whole more is better thing in my head today.

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    If 500 is working for you, why up it? You increase chances of sides, for marginally increased gains, probably.

    I am puzzled about your remark regarding running tren and deca together. Your stack is written showing eq and not deca.

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    i wrote it all out quick...anyways i suggested the deca for my joint pain...eq is already in my cycle as a base along with test e.

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