I went on a deca cycle only (400mg/week) for about 10 weeks. Threw in some winny in the beginning and from 8th week onwards, I started on the vars at about 25-30mg ED, depending on how much I think i need that extra help from the VARS. After the last shot of deca, I kept the same weight. This is my last few days on the var (now about 12 weeks on, so meaning was on for about 4-5 weeks on Vars). Felt a bit down on deca alone, but being on vars alone is good. No water retention, no problems at all. Never had the deca dick though, although it did lower my sex drive.

Question is, my slipped disc nerve seems to be back to haunt me again. It is at L5-S1 and 5 years back, they gave me 3 cortisone injections at my spine and it took the pain away. Trust me, those just feels like you are on anti-juice. Your muscles just shrink away. Every now and then I feel the nerve getting pinched but nothing serious. The feeling is getting back again but not serious, just annoying and worrying because it has been like this for a month.

I was thinking, is it possible that the vars in particular, has a very strong effect in blocking cortisol, that's why my slightly inflammed nerve might not have a chance to shrink and heal? Has anyone heard of vars having effect on cortisol?