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    2 much gear 4 me?

    ok my past cyc have been denkall t-400 @ 400mg ew for 10w, then i did a short 30 day m1t cyc @ 20mg ed. i am 180 solid / 5'8, my next cycle im thinkin 600mg test-e ew for 12 w, and 500mg deca ew for 11 weeks, i have done all my research and feel this will be a great bulker, but my q is, is this 2 much gear for me? i know the excess gear will just xfer into estrogen, so should i drop the mg by 100 each, or will this be ok? i ask this q because i want to get the most out of my purchase, there will be less waste from my 5 bottles of gear if i run higher dosages, and if im going to be doing this for about 4 1/2 months, i want to do it perfectly, let me know what u think, thx

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    This is why he has posted this question 3 different times.


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    At your age, any gear is too much.

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