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    Tren and oily skin

    Normally on a cycle I get some oily skin. I like it though. I was my face and it just looks really good. I look like a model. With tren ! I can literally whipe the grease off my face with a finger. It's thick and oily. Facial soap only helps a little. I do admit i've only teied it once and I did a little higher dose than i probably should have. 75/mg per day is too much for my body structure.. Was it just me or do others have this problem?


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    i'm in the same boat. the fina is making my face really oily and i'm sure the test prop isn't helping either. i recently read a post about someone with that problem and they used dawn dish soap because it'll take the grease off and take the oils longer to come back. haven't tried it myself yet but i'm going to start it tonight and see if it helps. makes sense to me. maybe will dry out the face to much though.

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