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    clen in conjuction with anti-hypertensive drug?

    Hi everybody!

    I'm asking this for my dad basically. He was looking for some way to finaly start seeing some resultes when it comes to loosing weight. For years he have been overweight now, so its importante that things starts to happen.
    He has a high BP and therfor takes a drug called atacand (anti-hypertensive). So I was wondering (since both is CNS) how they will work together?, anyone beein in a simular scenario maybe?.

    I'm aware of what the sides are with Clen and so on ...still I think he'll benefit greatly from a cycle with clen together with proper training and dieting. Just need that extra burst of motivation to keep things going.

    he's stats are:
    # age 57
    # lots of pounds to lose
    # not suffering from any illnesses other than what years of overweight will do to you.

    thanks in advance bro, learned ALOT from here. will pay my debts one day.

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    I wouldn't mix clen with anti - hypertensives myself - especially at age 57

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    AnabolicAlien Guest


    do not put him on clen . diet and cardio should be enough if done PROPERLY.


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    Okay, sounds like all reasonable advices ...I'll tell him that he needs to get in shape and lose weight naturally, perhaps it would be possible to at least start reducing the
    anti-hypertensive doseage at least with time.

    I'll do some research on this topic myself tho to get a grasp...

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    Def no bro, 57, High BP, not a good combo with Clen ,

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