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    winny , tren and tren enthuante

    i have 100 tablets of 25mg winny stannozal and 10m1 of tren e and 20ml of tren how much will i gain and what wiil this cycle do to me make me hard and vascular or bulky. help and i have high bodyfat have some muscle im 6 feet 270 my bodyfat im guessing is about 25 percent . should i go low carb , high protein and low calores and try to rip up or builk up

    i got eca for later on
    lipo 6 as well and lots of other fat burners thanks later.

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    You'll want Test in there or all you'll gain is a limp noodle

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    add test, only run 1 of the trens and go to the diet section to get your BF% lower before you start.

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