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    Dosages / Frequencies

    Im starting out my cycle with:
    15mg dbol a day for 5 weeks
    and 500 mg sust a week for 9 weeks
    and 300 mg deca for 10 weeks

    my question lies at the end, where I want to take anavar and winstrol both tabs.. what is a minimum sufficient dosage and frequency? Im fairly new to orals...

    of course i will do all proper pct.

    Id appreciate any help with setting up my oral stack/dosage/frequency at a minumu effective dosage.

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    first thing is first, what is are your stats and cycle experience? secondly, 15 mg of dbol is not effective at all and dbol should be run optimally at 4 weeks. Test should be run longer than deca , and remember sust will need to be shot ed. i would personally get some test e or c. Are you running nolva and b6 throughout? Get back to me on stats and cycle experience and ill get back to you on the actual question you asked.

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