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Thread: Clomid

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    I'm in the middle of a course of winstrol and i have run out of Novaldex, but i do have some clomid. I always take clomid after a course but as i'm out of novaldex, was thinking of using the clomid to combat bitch tits and water retention. Do you think it would work???

    Cheers lads

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    Yea of course it would work... But umm... Winstrol doesnt aromatize.. Therefore there is no Water rentention or Bitch tits to worry about.. Man i wish you would have done more research before you started.

    Winstrol DOES affect the HPTA so therefore you WILL need clomid for when your cycle is over. I would not start taking the Clomid untill 48 hours after your last shot.

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