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    Should I continue or forget it?

    Hey bro's,

    My nuts shut down into my 5th or 6th week of a low dose cycle, probably didnt give them enough time 2 recover from the prior one ( 12 wks on and about 12 off.) which was a 400 wk of test and 300 wk of Eq. Not I only was I surprised at how fast they shut down, my magic stick gave me some issues (never happened before), so I bought some trib and after day 2 my mojo is back... So here it is my 8wk of what was goin to be a 16wk cycle and I find myself at a crossroads....Do I continue with the 250mg a week? Do I bump it up to 500mg a week and shorten the cycle? Do I drop the cycle and wait 6 months ( or longer) to jump on again?

    32 yrs old
    210 pnds
    12 pct bf
    12 yr training
    4th cycle

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    Thanks for the advice! I'll research this option some and give it a shot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MMA
    get some hcg and run 500iu every 3rd day.

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