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    Question finasteride and fina...

    finasteride stops dht. if used will it mess up the cycle? in other words will it stop the gains from a cycle using fina?

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    DHT is somewhat anabolic , as is estrogen, but is it worth the sides-not really. Just go easy with it. It isn't something I'd flood my receptors with. It also works post cycle, just to a lesser extent. But you know what I do now- shave my ****ing head-I don't ****ing care anymore, I given up on this battle- and I'm not even 22.

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    Finasteride is used to block alpha-5-reductase from turning hormones into their more androgenic forms. Trenbolone is resistant to alpha-5-reductase so no need to take it with tren , tren is highly androgenic anyway so it can cause androgenic sides alone. Trenbolone the hormone itself is what is highly anabolic so don't worry.

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