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    Jul 2004

    How to cycle this !

    Hi all, havent posted here in a long time so Marry Christmas to all on the board !
    I just wanted to hear some sugestions on how to run this gear !
    I got hold of folowing gear:
    Naposim - 5mg x 260 tabs
    Test. depo - 250mg x 25 amps
    Test. prop - 100mg x 30 amps
    Winstrol depo - 50mg x 30 amps

    This would be my 5th cycle
    My idea was running:
    Week 1-5 naposim 30mg/d
    Week 1-8 test.depo 750mg/w
    Week 9-17 test.prop 100mg/eod
    Week 9-17 winstrol 50mg/eod
    Nolva all the way ofc

    I would be shooting 100mg propionate monday, 50mg winstrol tuesday, then again prop, and so on.

    What are your thoughts ?

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    Mar 2004
    40mg/day weeks 1-4 naps
    500mg week test depo weeks 1-12
    test prop 75mg day (3/4th cc) weeks 13-14
    winny 50mg per day weeks 11,12, 13, 14

    nice basic cycle...

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