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Thread: Test C and EQ

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    Test C and EQ

    I am 21, 5'9" and 200 lbs. and been traing hard for 5 years, my diwet is in check. I am planning a cycle of Test C and EQ at 500mg/wk and 400 mg/wk respectivly. Will the EQ help to keep water retention to a minimum? Will the EQ help to curb body fat gain and what gaings have ya'll seen from this cycle? I will be taking nolvadex at 20 mg a day and clomid PCT.



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    IM just about ready to get off that exact cycle... I still had a slight water retention problem but not as bad if i were to do just Test C by its self! Actually i really didnt see anything too much different with this cycle with EQ in it. Mostly just harder muscles a little less water ret- but my strength went off the charts. That was probably the best thing from the Eq! 1 wk left strong as hell at 59 203 started a 181 plus or minus a few!
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    EQ isn't going to prevent any bloat. You will still retain some water, but it won't be as pronounced as running deca or dbol /drol.

    If you want to stay dry, use letro or liquidex in your cycle.

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