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    question on tren cycle

    i have recently started my tren cycle and i have yet to see any massive gains in strength ..i am shottin it every 3 dyas 1cc due to my concern of gettin too big ..i am an athlete who does not need size but instead strength..i decided to shoot 1and 1/2 cc today and plan on continuing with taht dosage...any suggestions wiould be great ..remeber i am not lookin for massive size only massive strngth..respect

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    1st of all u need to b shooting it everyday

    2nd of all u need some test in there, tren only cycle isnt a good idea!

    shoot the tren at 75mg/day and add some prop at 100mg/day

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    diet will get you big, not tren . i'd shoot 75mg of tren everyday for starters. and you should have some test in there

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