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    anavar to grow height

    hey what up, i came across something about anavar helps to grow height. is this true? how does this work. it sayed something that is speed up the growth process

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    No. Only Growth Howmone is used in adolescence children for this purpose (supervised by a doc of course). Maybe what you read was in regards to increase in muscle growth process.

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    i agree with dflood, it was used years ago before synthetically identical hormones such as Nutropin and the such were created, i have only done a little bit of reading on it however, but what i have taken from my reading is that it can promote linear growth in pre pubescent and pubescent children. gh is much more effectice however, the only reason that they did not use GH is mainly because it used to be taken from cadavers pititary glands i beleive, and there were certain risks associated with that specific extraction of GH.

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    so it works if your growth plates are still open? any one have any more info on this topic, like doses, how much height one can gain etc...?

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