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    Dual 6 Week Enan Cycles...

    Any thoughts?

    6 weeks injecting enan @ 500mg...Androgens kick in / HPTA suppression begins @ week 2-3...Effects continue to week 8-9 since first injection (although injections end @ week 6). Do 3 week PCT and wait 1-2 weeks and repeat cycle.

    The total cycle turns out to be a lot of weeks "of usage" but only actually 2 6 weekers of androgen supplementation...split by a recovery period in the middle.

    My theory is that most of the gains will come in a 2 week period around the end of each cycle anyway...and the rest period will allow for the androgen receptors to restore sensitivity. Furthermore the user gets his cake and eats it too (gets to be on for a long duration, but not at the costs of running a 12+ week cycle straight up).

    Edit: Additionally Cycle 2 could always be extended into a "full" cycle anyway if this little experiment goes south...
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    This doesn't make much sense to me.

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