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    question about tren acetate dosage per day

    i had a question about tren acetate dosage i have 100mg per ml 20ml vial could i shoot 200mg a day or is that too much

    i also have tren enthunate 250mg per ml how much can i shoot max dosage here i heard some people go 500mg a week but i have only 10ml vial and it takes 3 weeks to kickin so what should i do with these tren acetate and tren enthunate dosages help me out bro later salu the legend continues .

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    200 mgs per day of Tren acetate is way too much in my opinion. Typically, you'd take between 50 to 100 mgs per day. I use 75 and have excellent results from it. I love Tren Acetate, particuarly when mixed with Test E......I've never used Tren E so I can't help you there.

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