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    Help with Identifying Fakes

    I am about to pick up some Testosterone Cypinate tomorrow but the person seems sort of dodgy,

    I think it might be fake, but I'm not Sure. How do I find out If it is fake?
    Another thing is he said that the person he gets it of gets it in a 300ml Blatter
    but I didn't think that Test Cyp came in 300ml, so if he gives me 20ml in a syringe how I am I suppose to know if it is Legit?


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    Canada Ehh...
    my self, I would not touch something that someone put in a syringe.
    you wanna see a sealed bottle. also, check the steroid pics for fakes.

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    Bro, it is possible to homebrew at that dose. However I would not take it if the test came in a syringe, no way.

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