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    Epidureal Steroid Injects for Lumbar Disc Herniation

    I had a disc herniation (slipped disc) about 5 years ago and they gave me 3 Epidureal Steroid Injections. Pain went away for 5 years. However, it is coming back to haunt me.

    Has anyone here had ESIs done for their slipped disc? And I read somewhere that they do not give more than 3 for the fear of 'systemic' side effects, whatever that means. How about it being 5 years ago then?

    The problem is, I just finished a cycle and I really don't want to burn all that fats going through this "cycle" which will probably sound like, "I lost 10 lbs during the cycle and gained 5 lbs back two months after the cycle!".

    Could I get the ESI while on a cycle with test/deca /vars? I know AAS blocks cortisol, but what will be the effect of it on the injections? Will it make it less effective?

    Anyone? Greatly appreciated. Sucks to be in pain and cannot train 100%.

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    You can definitely get the ESI and stay on your AAS cycle. The injections into the disc area are localized, and the medication is metabolized almost entirely in the region...Again, the AAS will not affect that at all.....

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    And unfortuniately, the ESI is the only thing that truly works for that. Father had it, and after all this expensive ass phys. therapy, the ESI shots worked like champs.

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