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    total newb, considering M1t

    I've seen some spectacular transformations with this stuff and I am considering a cycle. Although i have been very successful lifting naturally for the past 4 years, I want to give it a try.

    After doing quite a bit of research, I am still a bit sketchy and I need some advice. I dont plan on making a habit out of using this product but from what I've read it's serious stuff with equally serious side effects.

    1. Should I be concerned with things like gyno,liver, etc. if i take the proper counter-measures, such as 6-oxo and anti estrogens, milk thistle, etc.?

    2. What products/cycles would you recommend to depress feminizing side-effects during the cycle and after? (I'm especially concerned with keeping my testosterone levels up after the cycles).

    IF this is information is posted somewhere and i missed it im sorry, im still new please point me in the right direction. thanks for your time.

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    M1T does not promote or possess any estrogenic effects so bloat and gyno should not be a problem. 10-20mg Ed 2 wk on/2 off is the way to go. Some 6-oxo in the off weeks might help but since you are using it for such a short time you mat not need it.

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    the gneral concenis which i experienced and agree with are 4 weekers produce better reults followed by 4 week pct nolva/clomid

    shutdown is achieved in 3-4 days on M1T

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    Check out the M1T FAQ page in the supplements forum.

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    yeah wrong forum

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    and you have 18 days to get it legally, so make it snappy.

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