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    m1t newb, recovery newb

    Been making good gains naturally but I've seen some insane transformations in friends using M1t. I'm consideriing doing a cycle or two but despite my research I'm still very sketchy, and a total newb to this. (Been totally natrual for about 4-5 years with good gains). I know this is serious business and i want to get as much real information as possible before i make a decision.

    1. Should I be worried about the feminizing side-effects and other side-effects of the product if i take the proper counter-measures(6-oxo, pct, milk thistle, etc.). I honestly don't know where to start with these products.

    2. What kinds of cyles do you recommend with the product and the counter-measures. My main concern is avoiding the feminizing side-effects AND keeping my testosterone levels up after the cycles. If everything is done properly, will i keep my gains? will this come back to haunt my bodybuilding progress if i wish to continue building naturally afterwards?

    if this information is posted somewhere and i missed it i apologize, please point me in the right direction. Thank you for your time.

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    Supplement forum....M1T faq has all the answers and more.

    1. Not really...that is if you take proper PCT. (nolva, clomid, milk thistle...6oxo is crap.) Proper dosages and stuff is in the faq.

    2. Start w/ 10mg ed spread out 12 hours, then if you like it then bump up to 15. I did 10mg ed for 4 weeks and will bump up half way thru my next cycle unless I get some more stuff. Also youll need 4ad and hawthorn berry extract, again, all this is in the faq.

    If done properly you should keep 90% of your gains.

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